Product code: IRAS

The iRAS (Remote Administration System) is a software designed and developed for use with DVRs, IP encoders and decoders and IP cameras. iRAS controls the system management, video monitoring and playback of images from multiple remote sites. Main functions: • Multilingual menu • Bidirectional audio • Checking and reporting on status of DVRs remotely • Notification of events recorded from remote sites • Remote monitoring of direct images from cameras by means of programmable layout and checking of pivot action for PTZ cameras • 'Panic' recording of images under surveillance • Search for recorded images based on the date/time and/or the event • Updating of software and programming of system remotely • Viewing and information system of the DVR event log remotely • Viewing of the status of the system • Remote monitoring of multiple sites, also with 3D graphics cards • Simultaneous connection with up to 256 images (128 for the searching of remote images) • Backups of film footage • Operating system Microsoft Windows Xp or higher


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