Product code: 30008523

Pair of dual technology barriers, containing Microwave barrier formed by TX and RX in Band K at 24 GHz with 4 selectable channels and an infrared barrier, with 4 TX beams and 4 RX beams, in container for positioning on the ground or in pocket art.30008533, height 2 metres, width 250mm, depth 200mm, maximum range 250 metres with unobstructed view, supply voltage 220V AC with internal 13.8V DC / 2.5A power supply unit and housing for battery up to 7Ah, consumption 300mA RX, 300mA TX, TX and RX cable synchronisation required for the infrared part, completely wired and with an internal tool for on-site alignment for both Microwave and Infrared parts with adjustment of sensitivity and continuous delay, wiring accessories for IP54 waterproof external installation, operating temperature from -25 to +50°C with thermostat control 45W 24V AC, separate MW and IR alarm output relay, tampering and exclusion for IR.



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